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Since 1994

At Holly Days we are dedicated to providing you with professional tools to assist you in getting the job done right. We take pride in our knowledge and know-how. Our efforts are focused on ensuring that you are able to come and get the exact gardening, landscaping, or outdoor environment necessities you were in search of and even more.

Why Choose Us

Family Owned for 25+ Years

Our employees take pride in the products and services that they deliver to guests at Holly Days Garden Center. The right guidence can go a long way in maintaining a successful garden.

Quality & Pricing

We are always hosting fantastic deals weekly! We are happy to have an inventory of top quality and healthy plants at all times. We take our high quality guarantees seriously.

We Deliver

Our delivery services are the perfect way to get all your favorite products right to your door, with no hassle. We also offer installation services. Learn more about that here.

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Fall Hours:

Monday—Saturday: 8am—5pm

Sunday: 9am—4pm

Call if you need assistance: 215.283.3228

*We may be closed or have different hours on, or around, holidays. Please call if you are unsure. Our team is always happy to help! 😊


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