Pond & Aquatics Department

Pond & Aquatics

The Pond & Aquatics at Holly Days now has the area’s largest water garden center in the area. Our retail aquatic center carries a complete supply of pond products, from the leading pond care product manufacturers.

Our Recent Projects

State Of The Art Fish House

Pond & Aquatics

The Pond & Aquatics department has a state-of-the-art Fish House that is home to a wide variety of pond fish, including imported and domestic Koi, Shubunkins, Comets, and many other varieties. This newly constructed fish house houses over 14 fish tanks, each separately filtered and sterilized with today’s state of the art technology.

Pond Products and Manufacturers

FILTERS & PUMPS • Aquascape • Atlantic • Easy Pro • Laguna •  Matala • Oase • Pondmaster • ShinMaywa • Tetra and more!

POND CHEMICALS • Aquascape • CrystalClear • Microbe lift • API PondCare • Tetra Pond and more!

SKIMMERS / AERATION SYSTEMS • Aquascape • Atlantic • Easy Pro • Laguna •  Oase • Pond Logic • Savio • Tetra Pond and more!

AQUATIC PLANT CARE • Crystal Clear • Microbe Lift • API PondCare • Organica • Laguna

Pond Lighting • Aquascape • Atlantic • Oase • Tetra Pond and more!

FISH FOODS • Aquascape •  Blue Ridge • Tetra Pond •

Pond Liner • Carlisle • Firestone

Pond Installation Supplies • Firestone

Should we not have the product you are looking for, we can get it from one of our many suppliers!