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Acer ‘Crimson King’ Maple

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  • Exposure: Sun
  • Average Mature Width: 35′
  • Average Mature Height: 40′
  • 5-10 Yr. Width: 10′
  • 5-10 Yr. Height: 15′
  • Spacing: 25′ to 35′
  • Cold Hardiness Zone: Zone 4
  • Cold Hardiness Temp.: -20° to -30° F


Sold out!

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Acer platanoides

Who can resist this royal ruler? Crimson King Maples are easy-to-grow, pest-free and magnificent shade trees to boot. Large purple leaves cover this noble specimen and maintain their royal color throughout summer, turning a bronzy-red in fall. Be Aware! This regal individual requires ample space to spread its imperial roots. With a tree so glorious – you’ll be saying “Yes, your Majesty!” to this one.

1 review for Acer ‘Crimson King’ Maple

  1. Tracy M

    The “Acer ‘Crimson King’ Maple” that I purchased from you this year is growing great. It was just the right pop of color in my backyard. Thank you for the suggestion. I love this tree.

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