Acer ‘Red Sunset’ Maple


  • Exposure: Sun
  • Average Mature Width: 40′
  • Average Mature Height: 50′
  • 5-10 Yr. Width: 20′
  • 5-10 Yr. Height: 20′
  • Spacing: 40′
  • Cold Hardiness Zone: Zone 4
  • Cold Hardiness Temp.: -20° to -30° F


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Acer x rubrum Red Sunset

Call off the Fire Department – your tree’s not really ablaze! But the brilliant red-orange fall color is certain to set your garden “on fire!” This eye-catching specimen tree is a cross between a Red Maple and Silver Maple – taking the best attributes from both trees and creating a tree with the beauty and strength of the Red Maple and the vigor and adaptability of the Silver Maple. This is one awesome Maple!

Sold as “15 gallon tree”


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