Christmas Trees

Our real, fresh-cut, evergreen trees are used as a Christmas holiday set up and decorated with lights and ornaments as part of Christmas celebrations. We take pride in our healthy and diverse selection.

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  • Sale! douglas-fir-christmas-trees-holly-days-nursery-horsham-ambler-delivery

    Douglas Fir Christmas Trees

  • Sale! frazier-fir-christmas-trees-holly-days-nursery-horsham-ambler

    Frazier Fir Christmas Trees

  • stand-strait-18-round-stand-holly-days-nursery-garden-center-landscaping

    Stand Strait 18″ Round Bowl Stand

  • stand-strait-3-leg-super-stand-holly-days

    Stand Strait 3 Leg Super Stand

  • stand-strait-4-leg-super-stand-holly-days

    Stand Strait 4 Leg Super Stand

  • Stand Strait Monster Tree Stand