Winter Months 2021

February has arrived, along with it, a snowstorm and delivery trucks filled with garden center merchandise. Today I find Brianna Heasley, one of our newer crew members, unpacking boxes and happy to stop for a cup of hot coffee and a little chit chat. Bri and I work in different departments here at Holly Days, so our paths don’t often cross. This interview was my chance to get to know the person behind an infectious smile.


Bri hails from NE Philly, where playing tackle football with the neighborhood kids taught her at an early age how to work as a team, pull your own weight, and see the job through. Bri also comes from a strong faith and family tradition. She acknowledges that she prefers to work outside because “Jesus has provided such a diverse natural world, and I’m so lucky to witness that diversity every day at the garden center.”

Bri gave up tackle football some time ago, but she continues to volunteer at her church. This is a small congregation where all fifty members are needed to keep the doors open. All of these members do good work within the community. That positive helping attitude makes Bri a natural when it comes to customer service. I’ve watched her in action as she shares her botanical finds (Bri prefers to think of them as gifts of creation) with co-workers and customers alike.


Bri holds a degree in horticulture from Temple University (B.S., 2017) with a particular focus on chemistry and soils—she started her college education as a geology major. Later, Bri earned her pesticide applicators certification, which puts her in a unique position to provide our retail customers with first-hand knowledge regarding fertilizers, insecticides, and fungicides. Bri has recently been working with the aquatics staff, gaining hands-on experience with pond and fish care products. She tells me she’s looking forward to spring and helping customers as they begin opening their ponds.

Enjoying The Great Outdoors

As we both enjoyed our last sip of coffee, I asked Bri to tell me what she likes about her work here at Holly Days. “There are many routine garden center tasks which provide an opportunity for me to pause and experience the wonders of nature,” says Bri. “Take for example the daily task of watering; as I’m watering the hundreds of potted perennials and annuals, I get to really pay attention to the honeybees as they visit one blossom after another. It’s all just so fascinating and a great job perk!”

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