Garden Center Products

Holly Days Garden Center Products

Holly Days offers a wide variety of garden center products with staff who will help you every step of the way. Check out what we offer and then stop by today.

Trees & Shrubs

Holly Days Nursery carries a complete selection of evergreen and deciduous shrubs and trees.

Garden Supplies

Holly Days carries a complete selection of garden supplies, guaranteed to give you the best results with your trees, shrubs, flowers, or lawns.

Following is a list of products available at our nursery:

Plant Care

• BONIDE Products
• Bio-Plex Root Stimulator

Lawn Care

• Scotts LawnPro, STEP 1 & STEP 2 (STEPS 3 & 4 in season)
• Luscious Lawn Natural Lawn Fertilizer
• Espoma Organic Lawn Food
• Anderson Professional Starter Fertilizer
• Lawn Starter Mulch • Mir-a-cal Limestone
• Jolly Gardener Fast-Acting Lime
• Bonide Grub Beater
• Grub Control – John Green
• Dry Roots
• Holly Days Specially Blended Grass Seed

Fertilizer / Weed Preventers

• Dry Roots Fertilizer
• Holly Tone
• TYPAR Landscape Fabric

Bagged Soil & Mulch

• Miracle-Gro Potting Mix
• Jolly Gardener Mulch
• Jolly Gardener Premium Top Soil
• Jolly Gardener Potting Mix
• Soft Landing Playground Mulch
• Majestic Rubber Mulch
• Manure
• Mushroom Soil

Gator Products

• Gator Dust
• Supersand
• Gator Seal
• Gator Clean
• Gator Nails
• Gator Bond

Pond Products

• Pondmaster
• Laguna
• Complete Aquatics
• Shin Maywa
• Pond Care
• Microbe-Lift
• Aqua-one
• Pond Logic
• Atlantic
• Complete Aquatics
• Pond Builder
• Pond Care
• Microbe-Lift
• Organica
• Laguna
• Tetra Pond
• Blue Ridge
• Pond Care

Fireplaces & Firepits

Warm up a cool evening on the patio with a new Stone Age Fireplace or Firepit
from Holly Days.

Stone Age Firepits

On a smaller scale, add a little warmth to your patio or deck, with a simple to install, simple to use fire pit. Models come in wood-burning or gas/lp versions, round or square, and are available in 5 sizes. Call Holly Days for details.

Holly Days Garden Center Products
Stone Age Fireplace Kits

The fireplaces are complete kits, with everything needed to construct the fireplace
included with the unit, except mortar and finishing materials. Chimney sections, firebrick, hearth and support legs are all part of the package. Arched lintels are standard, with straight lintels as a no charge option. The fireplaces are also available in see-thru models, and in various firebox opening widths.

Holly Days Garden Center Products
Fruit Trees & Berries

With the popular move towards growing your own fruits and veggies, we would like to offer our latest selection of fruit trees and berries:


All of our apple trees are semi-dwarf (except columnar varieties) and can reach 12-15 ft. Most apple trees need pollination from a different variety blooming at the same time to produce fruit, therefore you would need to plant 2 trees. Some of our trees are self-pollinating and will produce fruit without another variety to cross pollinate it. However, you will have even more fruit produced if you have a second variety to cross pollinate them.

Holly Days Garden Center Products
Types Of Apples

• Apple 4-in-1
Why not try a single tree that combines 4 varieties of apples on the same single tree? All your pollination and space concerns will melt away.Get ready for a bountiful harvest and outstanding variety all for the price of one….that’s a bargain in any economy!

• Granny Smith
Popular for its tart and tasty green fruit that are great for fresh eating, pies and cooking. Ripens late season. Mid-season pollinator.

• Honeycrisp
Outstanding fresh-eating qualities make this variety an American favorite. Fruit is sweet as honey with an explosively juicy, crisp texture. Great for fresh eating, pies, salads and sauce.

• Fuji
A sweet and juicy, crisp apple outstanding for fresh eating or cooking. Ripens late season with light green skin with red blush and keeps very well in storage. Fuji is a mid-season pollinator.

• Golden Sentinel (columnar)
Large, solid gold fruit have sweet, juicy flesh that is good for fresh-eating and baking. Fruit is produced along the trunk of this narrowly columnar tree in Aug-Sept. This dwarf tree grows up to 8′ tall and only 1-2′ wide. This columnar shape works well for container gardening or small spaces. Early season pollinator. Works great with North Pole apple below.

• North Pole (columnar)
Sweet, McIntosh-like fruit produced along the trunk of this narrowly columnar tree in Aug-Sept. This dwarf tree grows up to 8′ tall and only 1-2′ wide. This columnar shape works well for container gardening or small spaces. Early season pollinator. Works great with Golden Sentinel apple above. Early season pollinator.

• Royal Gala
Delicious tangy and sweet, these crisp apples are perfect for fresh eating and cooking. Ripens in September. Mid-season pollinator.

• Espalier Apple combination
Three apple varieties all on one multi-tiered tree. A perfect design feature for use against fences, walls or trellis. Cross pollination occurs with the 3 varieties so you will get delicious home-grown fruit that’s easy to pick.


Easy-to-grow, disease resistant shrubs for a sunny location where soil is moist and well-drained. Lovely flowers in the spring, bright orange-red fall foliage and colorful winter stems add multi season interest. Plant 2 different varieties for even better fruit production and to extend the harvest season.

Holly Days Garden Center Products
Types Of Blueberries

• Bluegold
The perfect last blueberry of the summer with it’s nickel-sized fruit and firm, sweet yet tart taste! Great for fresh-eating, preserves and baking. Loads of fruit  in mid to late season (early August)

• Blue Crop
Numerous medium to large, sweet tasting fruit in mid-season. Great red fall color and more drought resistant than other varieties.

• Blue Jay
Medium to large fruit with mild, slightly tart flavor. Good dessert quality fruit for fresh-eating and pies. Early to mid season.

• Bountiful Blue
A Monrovia exclusive, award-winning blueberry is a great ornamental plant as well as a fantastic edible. It offers a bumper crop of large, super sweet berries. Pretty white blooms appear in spring and red fall foliage adds a spark of color. This semi-dwarf will reach three to four feet tall and is perfect in the landscape or in patio containers.

• Bonus
A new, mid to late season blueberry variety generating the largest berry available. A strong producer of light blue fruit that is both sweet and tasty. Ripens the first part of August.

• Patriot
Large, outstanding flavored berries ripen in early season. Lower growing than most blueberry plants at only 3-4′. Adaptable to many soil types. Fiery orange-red fall color.

• Assorted other varieties available through the season!


All of our cherry trees are self-fertile and will produce fruit on their own but will also pollinate other sweet cherries. The trees are semi-dwarf and can reach 12-15 ft. tall.

Holly Days Garden Center Products
Types Of Cherries

• Blackgold
Heavy crops of large, black fruit with excellent, sweet flavor. This variety is self-fertile and an excellent pollinator for other late blooming varieties. Very good disease resistance in this semi-dwarf (12-15 ft.) tree.

• Lapins
One of the best, high quality dessert cherries. Extra-large, dark red, sweet fruit is great for fresh eating, baking, jams and drying. Lapins is self-fertile and an excellent pollinator for other early blooming varieties. Semi-Dwarf (12-15′)

• Whitegold                                                                                                          

Heavy crops of gorgeous, red blushed cherries with excellent sweet flavor. Great for fresh eating, desserts and canning. Fruit ripens in mid-June. Excellent disease resistance.


Best planted in a landscape location protected from winter wind or in large containers.  These self-pollinating plants produce tasty fruit ripening late summer to fall.  Great for fresh eating, desserts and jam or preserves.

Holly Days Garden Center Products
Types Of Figs

• Bensenhurst Purple
Savor sweet dark mahogany fruit with rich red flesh with this amazing fig. Perhaps the most cold hardy fig ever discovered, they will yield large amounts of fruit in the garden. High yielding delicious fruit will form on both old and new wood every year from mid-summer to late fall. Grows 6-8′

• Brown Turkey
The most common fig planted in northern areas has medium to large sweet fruit.

• Celeste
Sweet as sugar with a smooth rich flavor, these figs are delightful fresh, but also dry beautifully. Great used in desserts and gourment recipes. Grows 6-10’

• Chicago Hardy
Prolific, sweet fruit with purple-brown flesh. Hardy for northern climates. Even if it dies back to the ground, it will grow back in spring ready to produce loads of delicious fruit.

• Italian Everbearing
This large bush form produces loads of reddish-brown fruit that are even larger than the old stand by, Brown Turkey, containing juicy, sweet, pink flesh that is wonderfully delicious.

• Olympian
Produces two crops of green and purple striped fruit with sweet, violet flesh that is excellent for fresh eating, canning or drying. Very cold hardy and reliable. Can reach 4-8′


Easy-to-grow, vigorous vine with fruit ripening in early fall. Grow on a strong wooden trellis or arbor for support in order to assure the best fruiting and health of the plant.

Showcase fruit products
Types Of Grapes

• Canadice seedless 
Excellent flavor, large, firm, red seedless grapes have a pleasant tang and no tough skins. Great for fresh eating, jams and jellies.

• Concord seedless
The standard of quality for bluish-black grapes. Excellent distinctive flavor used for fresh-eating, juice, jelly and wine. There may be no other grape as multi-purpose for you to grow.

• Lakemont seedless
Large, tight clusters of crisp, juicy and sweet, yellowish-green fruit. Excellent flavor and quality. Great for fresh-eating, wine and even making raisins.

• Reliance seedless
A superb red seedless grape with sweet-flavored, medium to large size fruit.


These self-fertile trees produce free-stone fruit. Lovely pink flowers bloom in spring. Dwarf (8-10′)

Showcase fruit products
Types Of Peaches

• Red Haven
Beautiful red and golden yellow, medium-sized fruit on well-formed tree. This vigorous grower is disease resistant and ripens in late July to early August. Fruit is best for fresh eating, pies, cooking and freezing. Dwarf

• Reliance
Very hardy tree with heavy crops of high quality juicy fruit for fresh eating, pies, cooking and canning. One of the hardiest of all peaches, ripens mid to late August.


Plant a pear tree in your yard, and delight in having your own convenient resource for nutritious, flavorful snacks that are more affordable than those you’ll find at the grocery store. If you’re new to growing your own fruit, a pear tree is a great start.

Showcase fruit products
Types Of Pears

• Pear 4-in-1Combo
Four delicious pears are grafted onto one plant, making pollination a breeze and assuring great fruit set, while saving space in the landscape. Variety selections are marked on each branch. The varieties grafted could be 4 of the following varieties: Bartlett, Comice, d’Anjou, Flemish beauty, Hood, Kieffer, Luscious, Red Bartlett, Seckel. Ht 15-18’

• Blake’s Pride
Enjoy the reliable bounty of aromatic, juicy fruit that just melts in your mouth! The fruit is yellow-to golden skinned, stores well and is excellent for fresh eating, canning, making desserts or pear butter. The pears are ready to harvest in September. Tolerates heat, and has excellent resistance to fireblight. Semi dwarf 10-12’ Needs to be pollinated with other non-Asian pear to produce fruit.

• Kieffer
Large green-yellow, late season pears that are great for fresh eating and winter keeping. Ling-lived, disease resistant trees. Self-pollinating but will pollinate other pear trees.

• Moonglow
One of the best pears for the home garden, easy to grow with good disease resistance. On top of that, it also is one of the best producers of medium to large size fruit with a sweet, juicy taste that makes it ideal for fresh eating, cooking or canning. Fruit matures mid August to mid September. Ht 15-18’ Needs to be pollinated with other non-Asian pear to produce fruit.

Showcase fruit products

• Jiro Japanese
One of the most popular varieties in Japan. Known for its large, sweet, non-astringent fruit that ripens in October. The fruit has a custard-like consistency with a mellow, cantaloupe-like flavor. The tree can grow 15-20 ft. and has yellow, red to purple fall color.

Showcase fruit products

• 4-in-1

If you like plums, you’ll LOVE our 4-in-1 plum trees. You’ll get 4 different types of juicy plums from just one tree. You won’t need a lot of yard space to enjoy a large harvest year after year. Since your tree is self-pollinating, you won’t need pollinating partner trees. Simply plant one tree and watch it grow and produce a plethora of delicious plums. Trees are semi-dwarf (12-15′)

• Santa Rosa
Large crops of beefy, round fruit with thin, purple-red skin and amber flesh. This juicy, delicious fruit ripens in mid-August and is excellent for fresh eating, desserts and canning. This Japanese variety is self-pollinating. Semi-dwarf tree can grow 12-15′


The fruit is good for fresh eating, jam and freezing. Plant a combination of varieties to extend the harvest season.

Showcase fruit products
Types of Raspberries

• Caroline
The tastiest of all raspberries. Large, firm red fruit with unique, intense raspberry flavor. This variety sets the standard in its grouping for the best in fruit size and productivity. Late July through August harvest season

• Heritage
Red raspberry with large, sweet, dark red fruit, producing one moderate crop in mid-July and another large crop starting in late August and continuing through severe frost. Flesh stays firm even when over-ripe.

• Polana
Good flavored, large berries on highly productive plant. Ripens in July with 2nd crop in Late August-early September.

• Raspberry Shortcake
This exciting new dwarf (2-3 ft.), thornless, red raspberry from the BrazelBerries® Collection has an endearing, dense, rounded growth habit and is perfectly suited to large patio containers. It produces full-sized, super sweet berries in mid-summer. This showstopper will be a lovely addition to the balcony, patio, or garden.

• Rockin Double
Big, juicy, high quality fruit ripens in early summer and again in fall on this exciting selection that will rock your edible garden! Much larger fruit and more productive than most varieties, ‘Rockin’ Double’ will provide tons of easy to harvest red berries for fresh eating while also keeping as well as any other Raspberry you can grow!