Garden Center / Nursery

The Garden Center staff at Holly Days Nursery is made up of qualified and degreed professionals who will assist you in choosing the right plant for the right location, help you with landscaping and gardening ideas, and instruct you in the proper care and maintenance of your plants. We are ready to help your landscape dreams come true.

Holly Days Nursery Tree Collection

Holly Days Nursery houses 1,000+ trees to suit all your landscaping needs. Visit our online store to view our entire collection.

“Holly Days is a beautiful place to buy high-quality trees, shrubs and garden supplies.”

Peter B

Our seven-acre Ambler nursery is a complete retail and wholesale garden center. Our inventory includes a huge selection of shade, flowering, evergreen, and ornamental trees. Our wide selection of shrubs includes flowering, deciduous, and evergreens, in various sizes. We carry the most popular perennials and annuals, and also some of the harder to find varieties. And our plant guarantee assures you are selecting the finest nursery-grown plants available. Find us on Google and stop by for a visit.