Fall is for Planting

In recent years, you may have heard the saying “Fall is for Planting.” We assure you this is not a gardening aficionados plea to gain more customers during what is traditionally a slow time of year at the garden center. While most people think of spring as planting time—avid gardeners know fall is actually theContinue reading “Fall is for Planting”

Fall Lawn Care & Winter Survival

Have you thought about your fall lawn fertilization yet? Fertilizing in the fall is a critical part of lawn renovation and enables the lawn to survive through the winter. The best time to apply a fall fertilizer is October into early November. As the days get cooler, the grass will start storing the nutrients theContinue reading “Fall Lawn Care & Winter Survival”

Gardening As Summer Winds Down

Your gardening efforts are showing their results and the long days allow the opportunity for harvesting flowers, fruits, and branches of greenery. There is still maintenance and upkeep, of course, but it is time to enjoy the hard work you put into your landscape all season as we transition from summer to autumn. Here’s howContinue reading “Gardening As Summer Winds Down”