Considering our wide arena of expertise in using mulch and stone we can write for days on end. There are endless options for practical or decorative ideas about how to use stone and mulch in your landscape.

But we’ll save both time and effort and only mention a few favorite landscaping ideas with stone and mulch. Be sure to let us know which one is your favorite.

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1.) Mulch & stone dynamic garden

Combining mulch and stone can give you the best of both worlds! Especially when you start using stone sizing to your advantage.

We love how you can use simple techniques in small intricate gardens to provide complements in a landscape. The pros and cons of mulch vs. stone sometimes work wonderfully together.

Notice how the smooth contrast of the River Jacks 5-12″ cascades to River Jacks 1-3″ and then goes together perfectly with the dark contrast of mulch and bright plant material in the first photo.

 Mulch & Stone

2.) Mulch & stone boulder wall

Using boulders within your garden and landscape have become a more popular addition in recent years. Boulder walls look great, are very effective, and are low maintenance.

One are there largest uses has been as a retaining wall. We have implemented many of these into landscapes and they are very effective in retaining any given area of land, slope, or grade.

When a boulder wall is properly designed and implemented into a landscape, it can become quite the focal point. You’ll slowly begin to notice it allows you more freedom to interchange items throughout and also be used successfully as needed.

 Mulch & Stone
 Mulch & Stone

3.) Stone foot path with mulch

This is that unique style that you have always been in search of! When creating a walking path, you can utilize many elements of mulch and stone into your design.

From individual pieces of irregular shaped flagstone to small 1-3″ River Jacks and landscape edging separating the mulch from the stone area—this is a very unique walking path (photo #1). People will take notice and kids will love hopping from one stone to the next!

You can also choose to go the classic route with some individually separated steppers cutting through a garden area or mulch. We have all of these materials right here in our garden center. Swing by and take a look!

 Mulch & Stone

4.) Poor drainage solutions

Consider adding river jacks as a solution to your troublesome yard. We all know that moisture and poor drainage can lead to difficult areas on your property.

Look at the natural flow of gardens to drainage solutions to the deck. Everything is working together to help your landscape.

One of the first things I recognized upon laying eyes upon this garden escape – is the deep green hues of the lawn and how the colors contrast nicely against the rest of the landscape.

Together with the multiple shades of river stones, garden mulch, privacy screen, the scene looks tranquil, welcoming, and relaxing.

5.) Water feature garden—aquascape

Imagine the soothing sounds of water whirling and splashing against the stones. The mulch remains (mostly) dry due to the stone’s barrier.

This is for anyone that has a aquascape design or a creek going through your backyard—nothing will help funnel the raging river like a wall of stones! It is almost as if the stone and mulch work together.

The stone helps to funnel the water so that the current doesn’t wash the mulch way outright.

Another example of stone and mulch working unitedly.

6.) Creating simple accents

Finding a way to create an accent within your garden or landscape does not always need to be plants, flowers, or trees. It can be a chosen boulder or rock that you find intriguing.

This is a newer style of landscaping but it can have a powerful minimalist impact and is very low maintenance.

Our garden center experts and landscape consultants are always happy to help you understand more about this.

7.) Implementing or creating a fire pit area

This one is a lot of fun! Fireplaces and firepits bring people together. They also make the outdoors accessible at all times of the year. Creating these special places take time and planning. Our design and build team is always happy to make recommendations for materials. Check out our fire pits and fireplaces page to learn more.

The below image depicts the use of various types of stone such 1-3″ River Jacks, Western Mountain (Flagstone, Boulders, Steppers), and Black Belgian Stone. This area also features triple ground mulch within the garden beds surrounding the fire pit area.

These are the type of outdoor living areas that make get togethers with family, friends, and guests enjoyable. It creates a nice place that people can converse, enjoy drinks and food, and relax.

8.) Using all the elements together

If low maintenance is your goal, using various stone and mulch can be a great technique. By including some landscape lighting, you can really have your landscape standing out at all hours of the day. There are a variety of styles to choose from but this can be very striking and create a very nice aesthetic on your property.

Finding a color combination that fits your landscape and matches with your home’s style is important to ensure that the visual looks appealing.

Our landscape consultants are always happy to discuss this strategy with you to better understand how you can achieve this cool style.

 Mulch & Stone

Finishing touches

Whatever you materials you decide to go with on your landscape, be confident in your decision. It is all about personality and style. Making and designing your landscape to match is what every home owner should strive for.

There are so many cool techniques and styles that you can implement within your property. We wish you the best gardening and landscaping season as the warm weather season approaches. Always feel free to contact us or reach out to our landscape consultants if you have any questions.