Fall Lawn Care & Winter Survival


Have you thought about your fall lawn fertilization yet? Fertilizing in the fall is a critical part of lawn renovation and enables the lawn to survive through the winter.

The best time to apply a fall fertilizer is October into early November. As the days get cooler, the grass will start storing the nutrients the fertilizer provides. The benefits of fertilizing your lawn in the fall include:

  • Increased and deeper root growth
  • A richer, darker-green color into late fall
  • A pleasant tan (instead of white grass leaves) in the dead of winter
  • An earlier spring green-up in the spring and much less disease and drought issues next year

A premier product that we often recommend to visitors is our Jonathan Green GREEN-UP formula. Known as lawn food for seeding and sodding, this is an application that helps build strong, hearty root systems. It provides nutrients for grass growth and makes new seed and sod grow quicker and thicker. Talk to any one of our garden center experts and they can help you find the perfect formula for your lawn.

At Holly Days Nursery & Landscaping our garden center experts are able to help you find the perfect feeding formula for your lawn. From repair to maintenance we have the tools to help your lawn stay healthy throughout the fall and winter months. We look forward to helping you!

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