Gardening As Summer Winds Down


Your gardening efforts are showing their results and the long days allow the opportunity for harvesting flowers, fruits, and branches of greenery. There is still maintenance and upkeep, of course, but it is time to enjoy the hard work you put into your landscape all season as we transition from summer to autumn. Here’s how you can make the most out of the month of August.

Winding Down: Your garden (and you) are a bit worn out from all the hot, humid, hazy summer days we’ve all experienced all summer long. So ensure that you keep watering and continue weeding, but it is also a good time to do some pruning on blooming shrubs. Be sure to keep all your hedges properly trimmed to keep them strong as we transition into fall.

Healthy Plants: Perennials and shrubs can benefit from having their interior branches trimmed to increase air circulation and eliminate cozy spots where diseases can thrive. Be sure to have the proper safety wear and sharp, clean pruners, please. We have some great choices at our Garden Center!

Lavender Love: Mid-to-late season blooming lavenders are in flower this month. Be sure to clip and enjoy the flowers. Using hand pruners you can shape the plant into a symmetrical mound, like a shallow bowl turned upside down. This can help the plant be more full in a bushy shape next year.

Spring Thoughts: Certain plants are setting flower buds for next year’s blooms. Rhododendrons and azaleas value some key watering to put on a beautiful show next year. Make sure they get an inch of water per week, naturally or from the hose. The same watering amount goes for hollies. Those pretty berries can drop if they do not get consistent moisture.

Make sure you take some pictures of your garden at peak and note any gaps to fill or congestion to ease. These are projects that you can tackle either in fall or early spring depend on your zone. You always think you will remember what was in those great container plants you created, but possibly not. Grab your phone and get a few quick photographs!

Sometimes plants can wilt on hot afternoons. This is completely normal. It is known as transpiration. This is when plants are losing water faster than their roots can absorb it from surrounding soils. Be sure to not water right away, the leaves should revive by early morning the next day. If not, feel free to water deeply!

We hope you are enjoying your summertime gardening as much as us! Always feel free to stop by our garden center to speak with one of our garden center experts and shop around. We take pride in our beautiful and specimen grade plant life and nursery offerings. We would love to have you join us sometime for a fun time doing some always enjoyable outdoor shopping.

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